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Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Bangkok, Thailand

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Welp folks, I can definitely say I am kicking back! As I mentioned before, Thailand is all about the beaches, and we are all about taking advantage of that. After staying at our "posh" upgraded awesome resort, here is a pict of the pool and sea:


we totally feel spoiled. We did make it to Koh Samui for the day:


which was pretty chill and relaxing. Then came back to Koh Phangan for the infamous Full Moon Party, 11/24/07. There were a couple of pre-parties on the beach, this pict came out bad, but its basically 02348923049832 people dancing:


and that itself was SUPER fun. Then the full moon party itself was craaaazy! We danced the night away from 11:30pm till about 6:30 am. There were all sorts of music playing and it is such a fun atmosphere. EVERYONE is out to have a good time, and you can see that. Of course you see lots of craziness happening as well, but those are details I shouldn't share on this public site. Haha ha!

After the full moon party, we took a trecherous boat ride to Koh Tao. Yes, it probably wasn't the smartest idea to take a boat ride after a night of staying up and drinking and high tide due to the full moon, but what can you do? I somehow managed to not throw up, but I can't say the same for every 3rd person on the boat. Seriously, I've never seen a something so bad. You know its bad when the crew is walking around carrying plastic baggies to throw up in and kleenex. And this perfume (??) thing to put under your news thats supposed to help with nausea? Unfortunately, Char was one of those people, and yea... the poor thing, it really really sucked. Here's a pict of it, all those people that are leaning over are throwing up, ew!


We barely made it off the boat and were whisked to the nice Ban's resort:


where we have spend the last couple of days recovering on sleep and being hung over. Oh, guess what? It was the funniest thing. So here we are at the restaurant and they are playing this already made DVD player from the full-moon party the night before (so quick), and.... there we were! We saw ourselves dancing the night away! Glad I wore a red dress that was easy to spot and that Char had this cute hat on! Yea! So if you ever catch a video of the Full Moon party in Thailand in Nov, look for us! :) Or, since we both felt the need that we had to buy it, ask us to see it!

I went scuba diving the other day and that was pretty much the reason we came to Koh Tao, its supposed to have the best diving in all of Thailand. But of course, as luck would have it, its the start or finish (who knows?) of the monsoon season so the visibility was TOTAL crap. Its probably the worst diving I've done. But we still saw some cool things, big o turtles, trigger fish, bannerfish. Its no Great Barrier Reef, I'll tell ya! Sooo... thats about all that we've done during our stay in Thailand, beach hopped. And relaxed:


Now we are in Bangkok. I remember coming here a couple of years ago and not liking it... but now I do! The weather is beautiful, and its actually nice to be in a city. There is a ton to do in Bangkok - you can go blue in the face from looking at wats and temples. Or just hanging out. We actually met up with someone we met in Xi'an, China (LH, Tam!). Crazy to see him again and realize that its been 2 months since we last hung out and we have all sorts of fun stories to share. Ahhh... the beauty of traveling, always running into people!

Guess what? We saw Thai boxing! It was sooo fun! Its easy to get into it. I learned that Thai boxing is different than regular boxing because they can kick with their legs, so most of the time, the fighters are guarding their face (more than usual, I guess!) and their kidneys, ha ha!:


Here is a pict of the awesome and huge (45m!) reclining buddha and the grand palace:



All and all, we spent 2 full weeks in Thailand its amazing. I know I usually like to do a little recap, like I did China, and I wanted to do one of SE Asia, but its kinda more for more and I don't have too much time now. Out of the SE countries, I loooved all of them in their own way. Laos for the people and the atmosphere, Vietnam for the sites, Cambodia for the temples and the food, and Thailand for the beaches. Fun fun! Now we are off to Nepal and India for the next leg! Woo hoo!

p.s. I know, I know... I'm a little obsessed with sunsets!!!

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