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I happen to loooove the movie Finding Nemo. So when I got off the train and turned around and saw the Sydney Opera House for the 1st time, I literally heard opera (like the movie). Okay, so it happened to be coming out of my headphones from my ipod (which by coincidence was on shuffle and Bizet (Carmen) was on), but still. Besides the movie, I'd obviously seen the Opera House plenty of times before in pictures, but honestly, these pictures DO NOT do it justice. It is the most amazing architectural masterpiece I've ever seen. 1st, its a LOT bigger than I expected, 2nd, its just soo cool! Every angle brings something different as does the lighting (which changed a million times today from sunny to overcast, back to sunny, drizzly, overcast, etc). So of course as I walked around it, took a ferry around it, walked around it some more, I took approx 02480248325357438532 pictures. Hence, besides more beach hopping (Manly beach) to check out the surfers, I spent the majority of the day hanging around the Opera house and just admiring its beauty... and also people watching. I even took a tour, to learn about the interesting history behind it and obviously see the inside. Its really absolutely amazing. Since it seems I will have plenty of time in Sydney, it would be cool to check out a symphony or a theatre production (opera would be nice, but its mega expensivo) while I'm here, but we'll see.


I then took a ferry over to Darling Harbour where I went to the BEST aquarium I've ever been to (and I really make a point to go to aquarium's wherever I go). Its absolutely amazing, and the oceanarium is out of this world. I probably hung out there over an hour in awe. The viewing area is in this glass underground tunnel that you just walk around and these humungous rays, turtles, and sharks are swimming right over your head or right next to you. Its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool, I can't even describe. I've never been that close even scuba diving (how often do you see the undersurface of a ray (which looks like a big o smiley face) or pretty much count the teeth on a shark?).


Nor have I seen turtles and rays that big. And it was soo cute to hear kids going crazy in these cute australian accents. And of course, no surprise that they had this big Finding Nemo section that 'featured' the starring fishes. I loooved it!

It was a good 12 hour day on my feet and now I'm back at 'home' having vodka "drink ze vodka! It make you relax!" says my hosts (they are Russian and have guests over). All right... if you insist :-)

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What time is it? What day is it?

Chicago to San Fran to Sydney

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Phew! What a journey it is to get here! My flight left Chicago to San Fran at 3pm. After a 4 hour flight, had to hang around the airport for a good 6 hours (my flight was delayed 2 hours). We actually finally departed at 1am. Who departs at 1am?!?! Anyhoo, the time went by quickly - I pretty much started and finished this book called "Eat, Prey, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert (thanks Chrys!). Soo... I get on the flight and decide to take a sleeping pill just to get some rest. Well, I wake up... and have NO idea what time it is, where we are in the flight, anything. I finally asked the flight attendent just so I knew how many movies I had time to see, how many books I could read, etc. Well, he informed me that it was a 13 1/2 hour flight, and that we had an hour left to go, and if I wanted breakfest. Wait..... what? An HOUR left to go? Then it dawned on me (mind you, I just woke up), that I literally passed out for freakin' 12 hours! 12 hours!!!! Daaang! Not only that, but I had the good fortune of being on an empty flight and getting on business class. So I freakin' missed these awesome gourmet meals and all the alcohol I wanted. Oh well. Alas, I had a delicious breakfest, and wah-lah, next thing I knew I was in Sydney! I still CANNOT believe that I slept for that long and that that sleeping pill hit me so hard. 12 hours! Needless to say, that flight was the quickest flight I've ever been on! :-)

Soo... 2 days from when I left Chicago, here I am in Sydney. I'm staying with my uncle's best friend in a quaint suburb about 5 minutes from the ocean. I got settled and what not, and being that the day was beginning here, I have the whole day to just hang out and get used to this 14 hour time difference. Right now its, what, 2am in Chi-town? Well, we spent a nice day walking around the beaches here. What can I say so far except for that I loooove it! I just loooove water and the smell of ocean, so right off the bat I feel happy being soo close to it. So far my impression of Sydney is a combo of San Fran (with the rolling hills and obviously being by the ocean), Seattle (with the climate. Today it was cloudy, sunny, rainy, more cloudy, and more drizzly. But the word is that the weather is rarely like this and that is it usually super sunny), Colorado (everyone is athletic and super active it seems), and Vermont in how they everything seems super environmentally friendly. I love all the nature around here and so far the people seem pretty nice. Oh, and they are really into surfing here, which is REALLY cool to see, being that its kinda cold out ("cold" meaning low 60's -ish). Coming from hot and humid Chicago, it feels cold to me, so I can't imagine even swimming. I'm sure I will though, I have to!! Tomorrow I'm doing my pow-wow in the city to see the Opera House, etc.

Well, we are having some gourmet Russian style dinner soon, so I gosta run. Ahh... just like home! :-)

p.s. I have a comp in my room, so while I'm here in Sydney, I'll probably be doing daily updates
p.s.s. Day 1 - 36 pictures! I'll try to post a few, if I can figure it out!!!

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What's a blog?

Oak Park, IL

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Alll right, I may be a little old school, but really, whats a blog? :) Okay, okay - it really wasn't that difficult to figure out and actually, was kinda fun! Especially coming up with a username, travellen.... travellin', get it? Okay, okay, its kind of lame that I was so proud of myself for being so funny, but there you have it.

Well, hopefully I'll be able to use this to update you all on my whereabouts these next several months! I'll try to keep it amusing and interesting as possible!

I guess my next entry will be from down under! Until then...

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