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The End. Or a new beginning? 02.08.2008
Its a simple life 01.30.2008
A 360 of travel adventures... 01.18.2008
Happy New Year from India! 01.05.2008
I never thought I would say this, but...... 12.28.2007
The Taj and I 12.11.2007
Silence.... and now the aftermath 12.11.2007
On Top of the World: the Himalayas 12.11.2007
More beach, party, buddhas and shopping 11.26.2007
Finally, beach time! 11.22.2007
The wonderous Temples of Angkor 11.15.2007
War, what is it good for? 11.12.2007
Shop 'till you drop, then frolick in mud 11.07.2007
Welcome to 'Nam 11.04.2007
Same, same... but different 10.29.2007
Trekking, caving, kayaking and BeerLao 10.28.2007
I loooooove it! - Laos 10.23.2007
China, Hong Kong, and Macau 10.22.2007
Livin' Las Vegas... in Macau, China 10.19.2007
Lights! Camera! Action! 10.17.2007
Planes, trains, automobiles, and a hydrofoil 10.15.2007
Haze of Glory 10.07.2007
"Fried chicken kidney and ox's sex organ in bamboo barrel" 10.04.2007
A 10K in 3:57:42 - The Great Wall of China 09.30.2007
Beijing in a bambooshell 09.28.2007
Blue Mountains, Blue Skies, and G-bye! 09.24.2007
Piopiotahi what? 09.19.2007
Skiing, glowworms, and more spectacular NZ! 09.18.2007
E-drenaline (BUNGYYYYY!!) 09.15.2007
Wet n' Wild at the Glacier 09.15.2007
Tranzalpine Express and Punakaiki 09.11.2007
The Land of the Long White Cloud 09.10.2007
Whales, Bush, sailing, and wallabies 09.08.2007
Rain, rain go away 09.06.2007
Dolphins, whales, white sand = paradise islands! 09.03.2007
Scoooooba! (scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef) 09.02.2007
Fat Albert, the croc 08.30.2007
Fig trees and waterfalls 08.28.2007
I PASSED!! 08.26.2007
G'day! 08.26.2007
Sydney Harbour 08.25.2007
What time is it? What day is it? 08.23.2007
What's a blog? 08.18.2007